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How long will the Rock last? 
Aqua teck pools, inc. products should last for a lifetime on the pool or pond they are built on. The texture will age very slowly over many years with normal weather conditions because the surface concrete is designed to with stand over time and it's much harder than ordinary concrete. 

What materials are the Rocks made from? 
Artificail rock are made from concrete, rebar and a texture surface. So they should last a life time.

What is the difference between Structural waterfalls and Modular waterfalls? 
Modular waterfalls are mostly casting finish pieces that are mortared together by a craftman artist. Several waterfalls are available as multiple piece that can be moved around. Structural waterfalls are hand made that have rebar cage and must be backfilled with concrete. More time and skills are required to waterproof and hand texture the Structual waterfalls. Both cost about the same installed or built but the Modular waterfalls are mostly casting or boulder and Structural waterfalls are had made and required more labor.

Is there a warranty? 
There is a 5 year warranty installed per our specifications. Warranty limited to product replacement. Removal of existing product and re-installation NOT included.

Isn’t hand sculptured rock stronger and better than Artificial Rock? 
Steel reinforced concrete is stronger than fiber reinforced concrete and Artificial Rock is strong enough for any normal pool use including climbing and sitting on and will last for decades. Sculptured concrete is a great technique for larger projects that have a rounded granite look but the finish product is controlled by the rock artist and each has his own unique look.


What is used to color the Artificial Rock? 
Aqua teck pools, inc. uses special concrete paint rather than regular house paint. Aqua teck Pools, inc. also uses concrete stains for additional color; they are acrylic stains that bond very well to the rocks and other concrete surfaces. Properly applied they will not peel or flake away over time. The initial color will be fully absorbed as the concrete cures over the first 2 weeks so the color gets a little softer. As concrete ages it develops color variations some artists call it a patina so many Rock owners actually prefer the bleached look of our rockwork but it is also quite easy to re-color our final product if no sealers have been applied.

Do sealers help preserve the color and surface concrete?
Yes they do but they are not practical. Some sealers will make the surface slippery, others will turn in to a shiny finish, sealers only last a few years and do make the rock last even longer.


Do I have to use a liscence installer?
No, many installations are done by independent installers or contracters. A experince installer will biuld a piece of art work in your own backyard. Aqua teck Pools, inc. have been building Artificial rock work for over 24 years.

Can I install Artificial Rock work myself?
No, you need some with many years of experience. Aqua teck Pools, inc. has the best Aritificail rock installer in California Felipe Hernandez Reyes.









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